Monday, June 15, 2009

me and my beloved girlfriend Boey

this is my beloved girlfriend.. boey..

let start our story..
when she added me at facebook while i really dunno her at all.. but then i wus so damn freakin bored till i saw her in my list n i click on her profile juz to check out who's she.. then i edit her picture till so fugly.. omgorsh.. it so funny when i did that..and after awhile then she reply me that (wah.. so pro!!)and the barly started to chat with her from that very 1st time ...and yet we started to chat 24/7 none stop
til when her grandmother has past away while im de guy who confront her so much n care for her while she is so sad.. till after a week we text each other in sms then we started to meet up when my mom wuz admited in hospital coz she havin heart failure.. n i brought her together wit me to visit my that time we are still friend..
on the 1st dae of the night we went to (lake view club) for a drink and watching live band coz i really fustrated n stress while worried too... but she still support me from behind.. i really respect her well..and before we finish our enjoyable night i started to confess her n she accepted me as her boyfriend..and i felt so happy till my drunkness juz fade away...lolxx..thi is the 1st day on 6/6/09 11.39pm

on the 2nd day we still gone out for visit my mom...nuthing much that we do dat time.. normal routine.. till at everning my friend DJ Van has invited me to his gig at marketplace so bring my girlfriend along .. kinda enjoy also.. juz that she (tak biasa) on dis situation lor..okie lets jump to another part...

when i wus trying to plan for her birthday surprise on early daes.. i wanted to cook Western food for her.. but i need time.. so i wus askin suggestion from frens n they givin a good idea to me.. that is TGI Friday... so on 11/6/09 at night i brought her to ioi mall TGI friday for birthdae dinner and yet she is so enjoy n very happy..when i wus askin her a stupid question that wether her ex bring her such a place for birthdae dinner.. n she said NO...gorsh.. wut kinda lame are those guy...?

till the very next day i went to king'z bakery shop to order a cake for her n celabrate at her friend's house.. coz this is a last minute plan..and after de celebration we went out for a drink at de mamak till de next round we goes to eat some dim sum... omg.. i never been outing for so freaking long...hahah old man already...

but wondering when is de right time for our family approve us to be 2gether..?im juz curious to know from de answer from god..

till now... already we have couple for 11 days ... aiya.. after 12am d ma.. so consider 11 days lor..heheh..

(p/s: a girl who always wanted to do so,and we cant force her to stop it in time,once we control her very badly,she will ever leaved you behind.)
answer:let it be,let it goes,once she knew and she will know's,don't force her to do that she doesn't like to do so,if she knew you are very good,loving and caring on her,she will never leaved you...)

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

my ex ride

thats my old rite.. i am so missing it...proton satria 4g63T 280bhp.
beat b6t mazda 323, skyline R34 and pdrm traffic proton perdana
Ex Pro-hatcher

my mommy

this is my mom... currently im stay wit her after the incident of my dad past away..right now she having heart failure for 4 year's.she is only one in my family.. but i'm still need to be tough to take care this family..

my beloved daddy

This is my dad wus young.he is such a nice guy and treated his worker very good and have a nice lifestyle.

my dad suffer his cancer on early 2002 when he stress on his business at sabah wus down and he fall sick,so on a school holiday he bring us to genting highland for a trip n its really fun when we back to hotel i mean check in at hotel n in sudden he felt so in pain n ask for help,so i was panic till don't know what to do.. n i ran to lobby for emergency call for a doctor and ambulance. and we bring him to downtown near to my house hospital SJMC.after few hours checkup and the doctor told us that it was a colon cancer but he is not that sure.(im abit angry coz of what the doc told us that he is not sure),and double check on my dad and has confirm is cancer.after and 1 stage operation is success and we bring him back home for more rest.. and need to bring him for kemo 1 weeks 3 time.. its kinda suffer.. n i feel very sad of my dad suffer like this.after 6 month recovery he started his own business on timber company at sarawak and put on alot of sincerity in,and make alot of profit.

next story

i really miss my dad he has left us on the 1st day of chinese new year 2004 that i will never forget. when he suffered colon cancer, and i didnt aspect him to leaved us like this,de story begin back in year 2003 when i was having a tragic accident at subang jaya malaysia and i was in coma for 2 to 3 weeks, my dad was very worried till he cried n he promise me that he will never leaved me alone forever.but he just leaved me on sudden.. god is unfair to me.. why he take my dad's life away..!! when i was awake after suffer in coma,he glad that im alive,maybe he pray for me everyday.after few month later he suffer on the 3rd stage of colon cancer. no one believe it.. on that time me n my mom went to ipoh for business trip n my mom received a call from my dad and said he is very in pain and cant stand the pain.. and i was driving very fast till have a road block at tanjung malim highway.. so i was asking the police for help n give us a chance bcoz my dad suffer in pain n he ascort us back to home n bring my dad to nearby hospital.. and after few hours in ICU i was told by the doctor that my dad has been in 3rd stage cancer.. and said sorry to us they cant do anything while waiting him go.. i was starting crying n my tears cant stop droping,the doctor told us to bring him back to singapore hospital, yup i forgot to tell that my dad is a singaporean. so when we reach sgh(singapore general hospital) after 3 hours speed drive from subang. and SGH specialist doctor told us that he felt sorry bout dis.. it cant be cure already and he have 3 month time for living. i was OMG... so when my dad stay at SGH we take turn to taking care of him while his family didnt come to visit him for godness sick... coz his small brother doesn't wanna bring my grandpa to visit my dad.. damn it..after the last day of breath on Chinese new year Reunion dinner at singapore house and my dad felt cold n shaking.. so after that we call up an ambulance to SGH again and we wait at outside waiting room for the answer from the doctor,after 20 minute waiting the doctor come to us and said your dad has gone peacefully... i was starting felt like...OMG.

when we starting for my dad's funeral on the 1st day alot of my dad's business partner and his buddy from childhood come and pay his last..after 5 days of funeral the family doesn't want us to buried at Singapore..and ask us to buried at malaysia. and while they not event give us the funeral money(pak kam)to buried at nirvana.. so we use up all or money to buried nirvana.. i hate Singaporean ppl.. hate them so much...after the thing settle up me n my mom seldom sleep n eat for a month plus,

on the 7 of april 2009 im goin to nirvana memorial park to visit my dad and i wus confuse dat wut to get for my dad.

name : lim thian huat
Age :61 (when he past away)
nationality : singaporean
children : 2 son
status : married
personal profile/business success : director(Lian Huat Sawmill sabah)
director(malayan steam sawmill johor)
director(Lian Hup huat development)
director (lian hup huat co pte ltd)
director (mercantile exporters pte ltd